Can you believe it? Two posts so far this year! Unbelievable!

No, I haven’t been taken over by bots or whatever. I’ve just had a lot going on that I wanted to share.

I got a new car. That’s always a fun thing, right? I’m just the idiot who bought a new car and drove it home in the beginning of an ice storm that shut down Texas for several days. No snow. Just ice. We don’t drive on ice. Ever. (On a side note, the car has all these fancy bells and whistles that I really didn’t need. I kept asking where the Eject button was. Since it didn’t have one, mi esposo installed two much-needed buttons–one for when he’s in the car and one for all other times.

I quit my job. To be fair, I did this after I bought the new car, and I did have another job offer on the table. Whew! Good news is that the new job is half the distance to work as the old one (saving some gas and wear/tear on the new car!). Will still have more than my fair share of traffic but that can’t be helped. Not in Dallas, anyway. I’m currently doing all the set-up for the new clinic, while sorting out my patients at the old clinic.

I submitted book recommendations for Shepherd.com. It’s a website that allows authors to promote their book, while recommending others. I did the 5 best mystery and suspense novels based in Texas. It just so happened that all of them are female authors, and several of them live here as well. My list will be published on February 27.

I set up a blog tour with Lone Star Literary Life. It’s another wonderful site that promotes Texas-based authors and books based in Texas. They will have my book on Preview in March and the tour will be in May. I’ve gotten several great reads from this site, so please check them out.

I completed an interview for the Authorpreneurs Unleased podcast. Kathryn McClatchy and I had a fun discussion about health and writers, although the information applies to all humanoids. The podcast should air in March. I’ll share the link again when it goes live.

I am trying to get the word out about And They Danced (did I mention the release date is March 6?). Please feel free to check it out, share it, and read it. Please, please, pretty please! (Extra brownie points if you can leave a review.)

Until next time (hopefully March) for more updates.


2 Comments on “Happenings

  1. As the brother and much abused beta reader / technical consultant / whipping boy of our intrepid author, I can say without reservation that this latest effort by My Sister…The Devil is tolerable. Maybe even good. Bear in mind that I have not yet seen the final product, I am biased due to a rampaging case of Stockholm syndrome resulting from long term exposure to MS…TD’s writing, and I’m generally not a fan of the genre. That said, this might be her best effort yet. At least until the New York editor got a hold of it. I’m sorry…what was the question again?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you…I think. How many chapters did you read/critique on this one? 🤔 Do you recall the ending? I haven’t tortured you with a read lately. Might need to send material. 😈


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