It’s been a while. I know. I’m the suckiest blogger in blogging. I can live with that.

I thought I’d catch you up on recent (2022) events:

In April, my short story, Lost, Then Found, was published in Next Chapters Unleashed.

In July, I signed a contract with Wild Rose Press to publish book 1 of The Tess Corona Chronicles. And They Danced will be available on March 6, 2023. The editing process was interesting and (if you know me at all) involved much cursing.

My work life remained steady until a buyout occurred the end of September. What does one do in upheaval? Take a short vacation to see the grandbaby. Yea!

Outside of work, I read, I wrote (30K words written in November!) and experienced as much as an introverted human can experience without losing her mind. A haunted tavern, Writers in the Field, work happy hours and parties, writing groups, mentoring therapists, and a slew of other peopling events. No wonder I read over 200 books in 2022. Escape is vital to my mental health.

Oh! And my short story, Bjorn Was Here, placed 2nd in the Writers Guild of Texas Kathryn McClatchy Flash Fiction contest.

So, here I am in January 2023. I don’t do resolutions or goals, so don’t ask about those. I’ve got plenty on my to-do list, but I’ve already accomplished a lot this month.

I was strong-armed into being Secretary for my Sisters in Crime group and took possession of the Secretary box last week.

I’ve had some good interviews this week for clinics closer to home.

I’ve read over 20 books so far this year.

I proved that my husband does steal the covers, and I didn’t laugh (much) when he forgot to put his truck in park and had to chase it down.

And I received copies of And They Danced to begin my marketing process. Did I mention that release date is March 6?

Here’s hoping it’s not another year before I can give you a progress report.


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