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It’s Spring!

It’s Spring! In Texas! Which means the weather is confused. I’ve been enjoying some time off this month. I left my last job on March 10th and don’t start the new job until March 30. Almost a full 3 weeks of an intentional vacation,… Continue Reading “It’s Spring!”


Can you believe it? Two posts so far this year! Unbelievable! No, I haven’t been taken over by bots or whatever. I’ve just had a lot going on that I wanted to share. I got a new car. That’s always a fun thing, right?… Continue Reading “Happenings”


It’s been a while. I know. I’m the suckiest blogger in blogging. I can live with that. I thought I’d catch you up on recent (2022) events: In April, my short story, Lost, Then Found, was published in Next Chapters Unleashed. In July, I… Continue Reading “Accomplishments”


Yes, I made up a word. The past two years have been surreal and reality, hence Surreality. You’re welcome. Like most people, my world has been rocked and rolled over the past two years. I work in health care, so I continued to work… Continue Reading “Surreality”

What’s up?

In typical fashion, I haven’t blogged in awhile. Sorry. I’ve been busy–aren’t we all? In April, I received first place in the Writer’s Guild of Texas Flash Fiction for my submission, The Cape. I am writing and submitting other short stories to a wide… Continue Reading “What’s up?”

Old and New

Most of my social media feeds show people reflecting on 2020 and planning for 2021. I am not a planner–not even what’s for dinner–but I do make an effort to at least sketch out a calendar with important dates. This year I tried to… Continue Reading “Old and New”

Drunk Peaches

I have mentioned in the past–more than once–that I am not a cook. It’s not that I can’t cook, I don’t like planning to cook, preparing to cook, cooking, and cleaning up after cooking. Except on special occasions like when I have help, inspiration,… Continue Reading “Drunk Peaches”

Thrilled but humbled

A couple of weeks ago, I did this thing–I entered a local writer’s group short story contest. Each month the Granbury Writers’ Bloc posts a challenge to write a story of less than 1500 words for a given prompt. August happened to be an… Continue Reading “Thrilled but humbled”


A while back, a friend asked about first concerts. You know the type of question: What was your 1st car (’73 government surplus AMC Ambassador station wagon–top that for ugly!), What was your 1st pet? (a Boston terrier–Lady Noble Blue (edit-the Mimi corrects me.… Continue Reading “Firsts”

My Boy

As parents, we met December 2004, with the usual question: “What do you think Santa will bring you for Christmas?” I don’t know what we were thinking, but mi espouso and I were a little shocked when the Myrtles (aged 8 and 6 at… Continue Reading “My Boy”