What’s up?

In typical fashion, I haven’t blogged in awhile. Sorry. I’ve been busy–aren’t we all?

In April, I received first place in the Writer’s Guild of Texas Flash Fiction for my submission, The Cape. I am writing and submitting other short stories to a wide range of contests and anthologies as I hear about them. Wish me luck!

I finished the first book for the Tess Corona Chronicles. The series title has got through several agonizing changes, but I think I’ll just stick with the above. Now to nail a title for the book itself. The current title is And They Danced. Book two (currently titled And They Played) is about halfway written.

I did some querying for the first book but got frustrated–as predicted in my last post. It seems that after all one’s hard work to jump through the required hoops (What authors/books/movies is your book comparable to? How should I know? No one else has written my book!), many agents don’t bother to reply if they aren’t interested. Out of about 25 queries, I received about 5 responses. I may try again–I may not. Stay tuned.

Right now, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone. I mentioned before that I took a board position for one of my writer’s groups, and last month I opened my big mouth and took over the webmaster position. No joke, people. I (the least technology-savvy of all) am a webmaster. The first thing I did after getting the training–I wrote the password down wrong. Once we got that squared away, I got in and somehow managed to update a couple of items, but gave a section an extra space that won’t go away. To add to my insanity, I volunteered to be a Facebook moderator for a writing conference. I’ve never moderated anything before, and I don’t tend to interact much, so this will be interesting. This is all on top of my brilliant decision to attend two conferences in the same weekend.

The only other notable is that I’ll be a grandmother by September. It’s a scary thought, but I’m proud of Myrtle the Elder. I don’t know what to ask the baby to call me. The current contenders are Nana, Nonnie, or Gilly. Gilly is a play on Gilda (which is what the Myrtles called me whenever I caught them goofing off). Or the baby might decide on some other name that will be a great fit.


2 Comments on “What’s up?

  1. As you will recall, Mimi had great plans to be call “GuhRANDmother!” With a twirling pointy hand gesture and everything. That lasted right up until Myrtle the Elder said Mimi. So, get ready to be called something other than what you had planned


    • Yes, I do recall. That’s why I want something the baby might actually be able to pronounce–eventually.


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