I read. A lot. I’m trying to do better about reviews. If I want them, I need to give them. All reviews are posted on Goodreads (friend or follow if you’d like). I will also make recommendations on Bookbub. My version of the star system–1 star = I didn’t finish, 2 stars = I regret reading it, 3 stars = I might or might not read again, 4 stars = I really liked it and will probably read again, 5 stars = I loved it and will definitely read again if I haven’t already.

His Lady of Mistletoe (Jardine, Charlotte) 5 stars–Enjoyed this Christmas Regency romance. Beth is a baron’s daughter, trained and working as a nurse. When one of her patient’s goes missing, she tries to locate him. Nate has spent his youth turning around his family’s business. As Christmas approaches, his mother wants her brother to be found and brought home. Nate and Beth meet in their mutual quest. Net Galley ARC.

Peril at Pennington Manor (Gardner, Tracy) 5 stars–The second book of the series. Avery Ayers is an antiques appraiser in her family’s business and are hired to assess the values of a duke’s valuables. As the inventory is reviewed, they discover that several items have been switched with fakes, and the originals have to sold to various museums. When the manor’s housekeeper is murdered, Avery and Detective Art Smith have to discover who is stealing the artifacts and if the murder is connected.
Net Galley ARC.

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